John Henry Williams

John Henry Williams, 46th Virginia Infantry Company H, Confederate Army

Williams, John H. : Pvt., Cpl. Co. H. Enl. for $50 bty (from abbreviation table- bounty) 1-1-64 Adam's Run, S.C., Minor, war; present 8-64 thru 2-65; paroled at Apptx (from abbreviation table- Appomattox); born in Norfolk, age 19, 5' 0", comp lt, eyes bl, hr lt, farmer.

Chronological Summary for the 46th of Major events from 1-1-64 when John enlisted:

April Regt. returns to Adam's Run
May 5th rail to Charleston
6th rail to Florence
7th Wilmington, NC
8th Weldon
9th Petersburg
5th left Petersburg marched 3 miles to Swift Creek
16th 3 miles to Port Walthall, 1k & 3w in battle, return to Swift Creek
17th marched to line on Bermuda Neck
22nd sent to extreme left of Howlett Line near James River

June 2 5k & 14 w in battle on Howlett Line
3 sent to Dunn's farm near Petersburg
9 1k in battle on Dimmock Line
10 moved to extreme left, batteries 104
15 10k, 14w & 2c in battle
16 moved back 3/4 mile to near Hare Farm; 2k, 5w & 4c in battle
17 sent 1 mile south behind Harrison's Cr; 25k, 872 * 19c in battle
18 moved 1 mile back; 1k & 1w in battle
July 20 7k& 8w in Battle of Crater

March 14 pulled out of Petersburg trenches and sent to Hatcher's run on far right
29 8k, 9w & 7c in battle near Graveily Run
31 9k, 13w & 17c in battle near Hatcher's Run

April 1 marched to Church Crossing on Sourthside RR
2 to Namozine Creek
2 crossed Winticomack to Mansbore; repulsed enemy charge
4 arrived near Amelia C.H.
6 nearly 100 captured in battles around Sailor's Creek
7 arrive in Farmville
8 marched 16 miles to Appomattox C.H.
9th fought in last battle and surrendered. That afternoon Lee surrendered what was left of his magnificent Army of North Virginia. 129 of those paroled at Appomattox were from the 46th Virginia Infantry.

w=wounded, k=killed