Johanne/John Michael Boltz and John Michael Boltz Sr

Johanne/John Michael Boltz married Maria Barbara Lauten June 19, 1725. They departed Germany in 1737 with 3 children, and sailed from Amsterdam on the ship "William," by way of Dover, England with John Carter, Commander.

He took the Oath of Allegance to the Revoluntionary War providing foodstuffs and transportation to the battlefields, conveyed on his son John still at home.


John Michael Boltz Sr departed Germany in 1737 on the ship "William" with his parents.  He married Veronica/Elinor (Fanny) in 1757.

He fought in the Revelotionary War.  He was a Private in Capt. Holderbaum Co. 1781. 

Michael and Nicholas Shaull were managers and trustees of the Evangelists Lutheran Church in Berkeley Co. Virginia when the church bought a lot in Smithfield, January 13, 1799.

Michael Boltz-Captain Holder