Sybalsky/Sybalski/Tsibulsky/Chebulsky and Pschick/Psheek/Pshik/Pizyk Trees

Sybalsky Tree
Moisey Chebulsky (Marriage record-Groom Pawel Chebulsky, Grooms parents Moisey Chebulsky and Takana?? Pahana??)
Paul Maxim Sybalsky "Poul Sybalski/Tsibulsky" and Theodosia Dimitreva Psheek " Teodozia Pshik"
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From their marriage record:
Pawel Chebulsky, Grooms parents Moisey Chebulsky and Takana?? Pahana?
Teodosia Pizyk, Brides parents Anna Werbooska and D'mitrey Pizyk,

Following taken from baptism record of one of the children:
Occupation, name of patronymic of parents and the religious community:
Pavel Moiseev Tsibulsky and his lawful wife Theodosia Dimitrieva, maiden
name Pshikh.
Both are of Russian orthodox origin.
Father-Pavel Tsibulsky
Mother- Theodosia
Brother-in-law Nikolai Kovalevich
Sister-in-law Ekaterina Marshalk
Occupation, name of patronymic of witness/godparents:
Pavel Mikhailovich Klinevich-the Austrian ambassador from Galitsia and Anna Ivanova Tamalevskaya
Village: Krivitcha County/region: Minskaya Gubernia

Pshikh Tree:
Demitrie Pschick and Anna Posinsky/Polinski/Polinsky
Theodosia Dimitreva Psheek " and Paul Maxim Sybalsky "Poul Sybalski/Tsibulsky"

From Theodosia's death record:
Birthplace: Austria, Parents: Anna Posinsky and Demetrie Pschick