Some DNA testing companies

There are tons of companies doing DNA testing. It can be tough to choose one. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Here is a URL to see if a surname in your family has a DNA project already.
As of April 2011-- 6,355 surname projects, 101,171 unique surnames, 203,473 records in their Y-DNA database, 125,600 records in their mtDNA database.

Pricing for DNA testing through Family Tree DNA They also do autosomal DNA testing

Here is a URL of a company that uses mitochondrial DNA to place a person in an evolutionary framework They also remind folks there is no genetic basis for ethnicity or race in DNA analysis. Pricing

GeneTree Ancestry or Ethnicity testing. (Now part of FamilyTreeDNA) Specific African ancestry. Deep ancestral roots.

https://genographic.nationalgeographic. ... index.html If you just want to learn your Haplogroup this is a good starting place. You can later upgrade through Family Tree DNA Archaeological, degraded and Paleo-DNA. A leader in mitochondrial DNA research, continually improving thier methodology, sensitivity and detection methods for DNA examination that can be applied to Forensic DNA analysis. For those that only have licked stamps or envelopes or fingernail clippings check out their Forensic services. Genetic testing and autosomal DNA testing

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