Descendants of Capetian Kings of France to Levi Lewis and Levi Willson

From generation Hugh Capet to Florence Bridges, are passed along family folklore.
From Edward Lewis generation - to end, proven

Capetian Kings of France
Hugh Capet began the Capetian Dynasty
Lambert I known as Lantbertus
Robert and Doda/Detta
Lambert II
Rutpert/Robert I, Count in the Upper Rhine and Wormgau and Williswint
Rutpert/Robert II, Count in the Upper Rhine and Wormgau and Theodorata
Robert/Rupert III and Wialdruth
Rupert (Robert) IV, The Strong and Adelaide
I Robert, Count of Paris and Beatrix (Beatrice) de Vermandois (some think Aelis is Liegarde's mother)
Liegarde (Hildebrandt) Princess of West Franks and Herbert de Vermandois II
Alix (Alisa) Adele Caroling de Vermandois and Arnulph I (Arnold) Arnulf "Magnus the Great"
Hildegard de Flandres and Dietrich (Dirk) II of Holland
Arnulf (Arnoul) I de Gand and Liutgarde de Luxembourg
Dietrich (Dirk) III de Gand of Holland and Othehildis de Nordmark
Floris I of Holland Count of Holland and Gertrude of Saxony
Adela de Holland and Baudouin de Guines
Gisele and Wenemar de Gent
Arnould de Gent and Mahaut de St Omer
dede de Gand and Robert de Wavrin
Hildegarde de Wavrin and Baudoin IV de Tournai de Montagne
Marie de Mortagne and Eustace III de Roeux
Agnes de Roeux and Jacques (James) de Conde
Isabel de Conde and Ingelram (Enguerrand) II de Fiennes
William de Fiennes and Blanche de Brienne
Margaret de Fiennes and Edmund de Mortimer
Roger I de Mortimer and Joan de Geneville
Blanche de Mortimer and Piers de Grandison
Isabel de Grandison and Baldwin de Brugge
Thomas de Brugge and Alice de Berkeley
Giles de Brugge and Catherine de Clifford
Thomas Brydges and Florence Darrell
Giles Brydges and Isabell Baynham
Florence Bridges and William Morgan
Ann Morgan and Edward ap Lewys
Thomas Lewis and Margaret Gamage
George Lewis and Mary Gore
Edmund Lewis and Mary (possibly Carey)
Thomas Lewis and Hanna Baker
Samuel Lewis and Susanna Jones
Levi Lewis and Mary
Levi Lewis and Massey
Levi Lewis and Mary Beemer
Anna Lewis and Hugh Willson
Levi Willson and Anne Lottridge
James Wilson-Willson and Sarah Wright
William Levi Wilson and Annie Jane McGuire