Book for those new to DNA

Jill has read Trace Your Roots with DNA (and other DNA books). Trace your Roots is a good starter for those new to DNA. If you want to purchase the book click on the Shop Amazon link and enter the title in the search box across the top of Amazon.

What people have to realize is genealogy DNA is not going to give you instant lineage. You still NEED a paper trail to prove your family line. What you can hope for is some cousin in your family line coming from your ancestor will do the DNA testing and you then can connect with them and see if you can fill in where you two connect in the family line. Sometimes you will not find the connection and both of you will have to continue your genealogy search trying to tie you both together and through what ancestor.

Jill has paid for 7 family members (all from various branches of her family/extended family) to have both yDNA and mtDNA testing done. Jill's husbands line and Jill's fathers line (from the mtDNA test) are the only lines to match up with someone we didn't know and we were able to fill in some of the family history and find a connection at Jill's husbands 5th great grandmother, Jill's fathers line we have not found the connection....yet.

People seem to all to often think I do the test and poof I get my family history information, you don't and won't.

Put together by Jill 2011