Bernhardt/Barnhardt was the son of Hans Wendel Gilbert and Eva Margaretha Greyes/Grehsin.  Bernhardt arrived in PA aboard the Robert and Alice on Sept 30, 1743, taking the oath of allegiance on the same day.  On July 14, 1745 Bernhardt enlisted in the PA militia and was discharged on October 30, 1747.  The officer of this company was William Franklin (Benjamin Franklin’s son).  Bernhardt was Supervisor of Highways in 1775. Bernhardt married Catherine Bender in PA 1752.

Bernhardt was constable of Strabun Township, York County during the Revolutionary War.  Bernhardt returned to being constable and overseer of the poor.  There is a Patriot plaque at Benders Church Cemetery, Adams County, PA where he is buried.


The author (Jill) has her DAR line through Bernhardt (Barnabas) Gilbert