Benjamin F. Booth
Served the Union in the 22nd Iowa Infantry Company I, author of Dark Days of the Rebellion: Life in Southern Military Prisons, 1897.

Benjamin enlisted August 18, 1862 at age 25. On October 19, 1864, Benjamin was captured during the Battle of Cedar Creek. He was taken to Richmond's Libby Prison. Benjamin was transferred to Salisbury prison. While he was confined at these sites, he kept a diary, writing his observations of camp life and suffering on any scraps of paper he could find. In 1897, he took his written notes and penned his story of the horrors of prison life. He returned home March 19, 1865.

Some of the 22nd Iowa Infantry Company battles:
Battle of Port Gibson
Battle of Champion Hill
Big Black River Bridge
Shenandoah Valley Campaign
Harper's Ferry
Battle of Cedar Creek